Monday, February 17, 2014

Adore Me Giveaway

Okay so first things first, I'm sorry Mom & Dad!! Secondly, look at this beautiful bra and undies set from Adore Me! When Dylana Suarez, Social Media Manager at Adore Me and creator of Color Me Nana, contacted me about collaborating with Adore Me and hosting a giveaway my immediate reaction was jumping up and down with excitement. Not only do I LOVE everything from Adore Me but Dylana has been a tremendous inspiration for me from before I even started this little blog. My second reaction was "oh my should I post this lingerie??" I could have just set it out with some pretty pieces and called it a day. But one of my goals for this year is working towards gaining more self confidence and trying to get outside of my comfort zone and really going for it. I think it's so important for women to feel comfortable in their own skin and really embracing who they are. I never used to be crazy about lingerie shopping or feeling excited about a new bra but when I was gifted the Athena set from Adore Me I felt so sexy and excited to wear this set alone or under everything!!! I'm really happy with how these photos turned out and had a lot of fun taking them.

Adore Me is a NYC- based lingerie company that sells gorgeous designer lingerie/sleepwear/swimwear at affordable prices. Their website offers free shipping and returns, sets under $40, and styles/sizes for all body types!! For someone who doesn't shop often for lingerie and tends to spend all their money on shoes (oooops) this company is absolutely perfect!!! They also have a set for every occasion and, I must say, I had quite a difficult time choosing between their amazing selection!!

I'm sooooo stoked to announce that the giveaway will be for a free lingerie set of your choice!!
So here's what you have to do to enter:

The giveaway will run for one week and the winner will be selected randomly. Good Luck to all of you!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lunar Gala Fashion Show

In case you aren't familiar with Lunar Gala, it's an incredible organization at Carnegie Mellon University. The Lunar Gala fashion show takes place every February, in celebration of the Lunar New Year. The entire show is student run with student designers, models, dancers, and producers. Hundreds of people (including CMU students and members of the Pittsburgh community) attend to take part of the amazing fashion, music, and displays. This year's theme was "Hypnose: The Illusion is Beautiful." Some sponsor of this year's Lunar Gala included Baci Lingerie, Ross Park Mall, and Red Bull. This show was also the launch of StockingNoir's  new collection Streetheart Collection and their insanely rad 3D lookbooks designed by The Indigo Project, a freelance graphic design business created by my dearest friends Remington Brooks and Marie Mashyna and the photography is by Rachel Norris of Sugar and Spice Wedding Photography!

When Amanda Yuan, the PR Director of Lunar Gala, emailed me and offered me a press pass to the event I was absolutely thrilled and honored!!! Ian and I took our seats close to the stage and oh my god were we BLOWN AWAY by this show...


Designer: Miriam Buchwald (Sophomore Industrial Designer)
"The most significant aspect of my line is that it's made entirely from hot glue"


Designers: Keith Joseph & Hayden Smith (Third Year Industrial Design Students)
"Our Collection draws inspiration from the decaying nature of organic and inorganic materials"


Designer: Anna Cederquist (Senior)
"The silhouettes and fabric choices of the line dance between what is considered mature and childish"


Designer: Liana Kong (Junior Industrial Design Student)
"My line takes direct inspiration from the book Heteroptera by Cornelia Hess-Honegger, where she illustrates mutations caused by radioactivity"


Designers: Ying Lin, Josh Lopez-Binder & Paulina Reyes
"The Biome line is about exploring the organic expressiveness of nature through computational design and digital fabrication"


Designers: Chloe Chia, Alex Kane & Jessica Shen (Sophomores in Design, Computer Science, Business and French)
"a fashion line that experiments with unconventional materials, dyes, and wearability"


Designers: Gina Huang, Irene Joung & Angelina Namkkung (Sophomores in Design and Art)
"Dilate experiments and expands upon the notion of how light, ephemeral and intangible, can be incorporated into wearable materials"


Designers: Christin Bongiorni &Mia Skinner (Sophomore in Fine Arts and Senior in Tepper School of Business)
"LUMI fuses illuminating electronics with bluetooth technology to create unique interactive clothing"

Designers: Shivani Jain & Jacqueline Yeung (Junior Architecture Students)
"Mureaux dictates form through the extrusions of the body"


Designer: Colleen Clifford (Junior Architecture Student)
"I took inspiration from toucans, and translated the quirky bird into a graphic vision, meant for an urban environment"


Designers: Samantha Chiu & Antonio Ono (Junior Design Students)
"Our line takes inspiration from the colors, geometry, and textures evocative of digital environments"


Designer: Eilleen Huang (Freshman Design Student)
"My line YOUTH is inspired by what the Victorian Era of the future, or the Neo-Victorian Era, would resemble"


Designers: Aya Demier & Rick Shanor (Juniors in Mechanical Engineering and Design/HCI)
"We were inspired by EDM stages and it's careful construction through geometric reflective shapes and pulsing beams of light"

Designer: Vishaal Dokras
"Vagoba is a critique on the way the British Empire invaded India and stripped the civilization down to a vulnerable core. Hence, the core garments represent a traditional Indian style, whereas the embellishments, prints, and colors are inspired by European florals and textiles"


Designers: Susan Park & Jane Yoon (Junior Communication Design Students)
"Avalokita is inspired by the Buddhist God,, Avalokitesvara, who embodies compassions and spires to free all living things from suffering."


Designer: Rachel Ciavarella (Junior Industrial Design Student)
"Spectral Discord is a representation of the sensory over-stimulation caused by the modern day information flood"


Designers: Elysia Panda (StockingNoir) Katie Maillis (Streetheart)




Amanda Yuan looking insanely gorgeous and adorable, about to announce the winner of the Armani Exchange Raffle 
Needless to say, this was one of the most exciting and beautiful events I've ever attended in Pittsburgh and I feel so lucky to have been able to attend! Congratulations to everyone involved in organizing the event and to all of the designers!!! And special thanks to Ian for doing all of the photography for me throughout the show!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's Beret Cold Outside

Hello Lovelies!

How is everyone's week so far? It's been snowy and slushy all week but life has still been exciting! I picked this BCBGeneration cardigan up at a consignment store in Pittsburgh called Avalon Exchange. It's one of my favorite thrift stores here and I always manage to find incredible items! The cardigan is sooooo warm and I love that it's long and it'll keep me warm when I decide to throw it over a dress. I bought the boots at Avalon as well. They're not very practical for these snowy frigid days but that hasn't stopped me haha. Besides, these babies are going to be perfect for Spring! I love that they don't have a tongue and lace up. The brand on the inside of the boot says Petra. Oh and the beret is to keep me warm but I also love how it goes with my striped turtleneck dress..I think it gives the whole look a Parisian vibe, oui? 

A lot of amazing brands and events have reached out to me this past week so stay tuned for some super fun things I'll be posting soon! 

Thanks for checking in!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Urvana
Beret: H&M

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Wild Horses

Hey there!!

Happy weekend to all of you!! It's a beautiful weekend so far, meaning the sun is shining and I have fun plans for tonight!

Since the weather was more mild this afternoon I decided to throw this outfit together. I'm not sure why but I usually tend to gravitate towards earth tones when I shop for clothes. I love wearing greens and browns, I guess it's because I feel like those colors always compliment my hair and the color of my eyes. Do my fellow redheads agree?

I love this outfit mostly because of my jacket! I love the fabric, colors, and the horses that run across it! I bought this jacket a few years ago at a Goodwill. I'm noticing that I tend to get most of my jackets from secondhand stores. My shirt is from Gap and the skirt is Forever 21. This skirt is perfect because it's neutral, basic, and goes with nearly everything! I threw on my thigh high burnt orange colored socks and these tan Hunter rain boots.

I'm starting to appreciate clutches more and more and I rediscovered this Dooney and Bourke Clutch I bought at a Goodwill in Arizona a few years ago. The mother of pearl ring was my Grandma's and the midi ring is from Urban Outfitters. My necklace was a very thoughtful Christmas gift from my boss. I work at an English school for international students. Before the holidays rolled around my boss asked me what country I would love to visit and I told her Iceland (I mean who wouldn't want to go to Iceland?? There's Bjork, Sigur Ros, volcanoes, hot springs, etc!). Consequently, the necklace is a silver chain with an Icelandic coin. And aren't my nails amazing?! My dear friend Jade is so incredibly kind. She usually comes over once a week to hangout and paint nails and I always look forward to it.

I'm going to an event called Second Saturdays in Pittsburgh tonight to watch some improv performances, hangout with friends and drink wine!

Thank you so much for checking in! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and keep warm!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Thrifted (Similar)
Shirt: Gap
Skirt: Forever 21
Socks: Urban Outfitters
Rain Boots: Hunter
Clutch: Dooney and Bourke | Thrifted
Midi Ring: Urban Outfitters