Friday, December 27, 2013

Home for the Holidays

Hey everyone!
I hope you all had a beautiful and happy holiday! This Christmas was personally the best so far. It was so full of love, happiness, thoughtfulness, and warmth. The highlights were seeing my best friend who came in from New York City (when we're together again it's as if she never left, I'm so happy she's in town for another week!), spending Christmas Eve with my boyfriend and his lovely family (they are seriously the nicest people, I feel so fortunate to know them), and going home on Christmas to see my family...I don't get to see them enough!! 

 These photos were taken back in New Castle, Pennsylvania where my family lives. My sister surprised me with this gorgeous cardigan as a Christmas present. I love absolutely everything about it. I adore the colors and pattern of this cardigan, especially the asymmetrical cut in the front. I layered it on top of a burgundy sweater and paired the look with my favorite Levi's jeans.

I finished up the look with my favorite pair of leopard print flats and these gorgeous earrings I got from Ian's sister and brother in-law. They are so beautiful! I really needed a pair of new silver earrings and these are the perfect ones.

Among this wonderful cardigan, I got so many other goodies. My parents bought me an easel, canvas, books, leggings, socks, a Carl Sagan pillow, and Euphoria by Calvin Klein. Ian's mom knit me a breathtaking infinity scarf, yarn and knitting needles, nail polish, lip balm, and so much more! Ian made me a gorgeous painting ( I cannot wait to hang it in my room!), bought me Grapefruit by Yoko Ono, a box set of Czech New Wave films, and a book about Icelandic folklore. My best friend from New York bought me a Marc Jacobs friendship bracelet (!!!) and my other best friend (who now lives in California) mailed a painting she made me. I received so many wonderful and beautiful things this Christmas but the best part was spending it with the people I love and realizing how extremely well we know each other. I can't help but feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

Now I am so eager for New Years Eve and to start a brand new year! There are many changes I am looking forward to embracing.

How was your holiday?!


Outfit Details:
knit sweater: Roxy 
cardigan: Hollister
jeans: Levi's
leopard flats: Rainbow
earrings: gift


  1. your sister's present is great, the sweater is so pretty and cozy looking!

  2. That cardigan is so cute! xo

  3. Your flats are awesome! And you seem to be in a beautiful place :) xx Thanks for your comment by the way

  4. The earrings made it on your blog! That's pretty neat :-) We were so happy to have you with us for Christmas Eve!

    1. Thank you Monet!! I absolutely love them! :) I was incredibly happy to be with you all for Christmas Eve! It was really special.

  5. Looks great! Very nice blog you have.

  6. cute!!!

    moustachic ♡
    Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

  7. My Christmas was also great and family ;) You look so great ;) I'm first time on your blog but I like it and I follow it ;)

  8. You have a great blog out here! Great outfits.
    Your cardigan is amazing btw :)

    Breathe Me

  9. girl you're so pretty!! absolutely love the cardigan. Also, can I borrow your friends for my birthday this year!? haha
    Lazy Obsession x

  10. Love your sweater !