Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hey Mickey

Hey Lovelies!

I did a photo shoot with my beautiful and talented friend Katya earlier this week. She's been working on a fashion magazine that shows style throughout the decades. Her project turned out AMAZING! I was lucky enough to have her ask me to style the '80s for her. I have to admit...I don't own very many '80s pieces but I rummaged through my closet and found this Mickey Mouse sweater, tennis skirt, and these super funky Thigh Highs in Snowcone from StockingNoir x Streetheart Collection. I added these light blue Vans to emphasize the sporty vibe.

Nothing is more fun than doing a collaboration and photo shoot with an incredibly dear friend. Thank you Katya for the opportunity and lovely photos!!

You should check out the rest of Kat's photography at her website!!

Outfit Details:
Mickey Mouse Sweater: Vintage
Tennis Skirt: Vintage
Earrings: Vintage
Tights: StockingNoir
Sneakers: Vans


  1. Your hair looks beautiful and is complimented by the soft blue colour of your vintage Mickey Mouse sweater. Your lipstick and eyes look beautiful too. I love the look of your vintage tennis skirt and the print on your tights. You and your outfit look lovely.

  2. You guys found an amazing backdrop for this outfit- it fits it so perfectly! and i LOVE your tights- they're the most fun things i've ever seen :)

    xo marlen
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  3. Love how loud these pants are!

  4. Hi dear! you so pretty!
    Love the sweatshirt <3


  5. Lovely post! Our interview for Liebster Award : M&MFASHIONBITES

  6. Love your outfit :) Beautiful :)

  7. Totally random comment, but I love your blog name, it's completely not cliche like a lot of blog names are :)

    Enjoy your day

    Holly x

  8. The tights really give your outfit a nice twist! And what an interesting fence that is!

    Best wishes (:

  9. So cool and stylish!

  10. love where you took the photos! This is such a fun quirky looK! great blog btw

    francesca from Frank Vinyl

  11. Those tights are so cool! You totally rocked them girl! <3

    XO J
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  12. PRETTY!

  13. This is so awesome! Rad tights!

    - Anna