Saturday, June 14, 2014


Hey Folks!
Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of working with my dear friend Katya McCoy and her cousin Rachel Crane for some new products by Day2Night, a collection of multi-purpose and convertible fashion apparel and accessories.

Day2Night's accessories are my favorite. They're incredibly practical and versatile. The highlight of this shoot was modeling this Convertible Handbag/Backpack. In just seconds it can go from a cute handbag to a backpack and vice versa. By pulling up the straps it becomes a handbag and pulling down the straps it turns into a backpack. Personally, I love wearing it as a backpack because I do a lot of walking and shopping. It's also 100% vegan leather!

Some other super useful accessories by Day2Night are the Bangle Bracelet with Hidden Hair Elastic and Convertible Ring Hair Elastics. The bangle bracelet comes in silver and gold and in the center of the bangle is where the hair tie is hidden. It's incredibly convenient because we all know how tacky or unprofessional a hair tie can sometimes look around your wrist. And let's face it, the desire to tie your hair up when it's hot/humid or just unmanageable is nearly unavoidable. The ring comes in a variety of colors and styles and it's just as simple as pulling out the band to turn it into a hair tie! 

The D2N Belt with Hidden Pocket is another accessory that's perfect! Say for instance you're going out and you want to wear a dress that doesn't have pockets or you don't want to carry your enormous handbag all could just throw on this belt and keep your cash/lighter/cards/gum in the hidden pocket! GENIUS!

Thank you again Katya and Rachel for letting me be a part of this shoot! If you're interested in their other products like the convertible high heel or skirt then check out the Day2Night website!

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  1. really love your outfits!


  2. You look fantastic in those jeans and in all of the photos. I love your facial expressions too. Your blouse is pretty and so are your eyes, lipstick and hair. I spent some time looking at all the photos a number of times each before I read the text. When I read that the Day2Night backpack used vegan leather I took another look at it because I'd been focusing more on you and your outfit. You look great!

  3. Cute top :) M&MFASHIONBITES