Friday, July 18, 2014

Lavender Girl

Hey lovelies!

Sorry for the's been a couple weeks since I've last blogged. I recently just purchased a camera and an LA photographer has reached out to me so I can finally get back to dedicating a lot of time to updating. It's crazy how much adapting and adjusting you have to do when you move across the country...I haven't even opened a bank account yet! But I'm slowly getting everything together.

One of my favorite things about this beautiful California weather is having an excuse to wear little light dresses like this stunning lavender one. Okay so I'll use the west coast weather as an excuse but honestly it's to avoid wearing pants (I'm not especially fond of them). I had a little bit of a splurge shopping spree at Urban Outfitters the other day and found a few of these pieces. I started off laying this lavender dress with a black bralette and my new favorite jacket (I love the sparkly beaded details of this mesh sequin jacket)!  I even braided my hair. But towards the end of shooting I just wanted to take off all the layers. I let my hair down (it's always wild, so I felt more like myself) and wanted to focus on just how flowy and delicate the dress is. What do you think?

I hope things have been going well on your side of things!! I'm off to enjoy the weekend!


Outfit Details:
Sequin Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Bralette: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Vintage


  1. Love the sequin jacket, saw a very similar one the other day, it really looks great :)

  2. you look so fab! love the entire outfit! :))
    Emma xx

  3. I love the photo of you twirling in that swingy lavender Urban Outfitters dress! Your hair looks very pretty let down. There's no need to apologise for the hiatus from my point of view - it hasn't even been that long, I myself haven't done a blog post since May 6th. I got discouraged because YouTube wrongfully censored another one of the customer lingerie review videos on my YouTube channel and classified more of them as over 18 only, requiring people to sign in to watch them.
    I love your Urban Outfitters outfit. Your lavender dress, bralette and sequin jacket look great styled together. Good luck with your adapting to everything out there on the West coast. Your fashion is obviously adapting beautifully.

  4. Cute dress and lovely cardigan :) M&MFASHIONBITES