Thursday, January 16, 2014

Guest Post: For Elyse

Hi Everyone!

I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Life has been so busy lately and there have been so many changes! As a part of my New Years resolution(s) I've cut back on nasty habits and have been eating better and practicing more yoga. My boyfriend moved in with me last weekend and I feel beyond spoiled having him's the best. The weather has also been really unpredictable here in Pittsburgh which sometimes makes it a total pain to shoot in. What motivates you to photograph when it's miserable outside? I need some help in that department haha.

Recently I did a guest post for Arielle from For Elyse (my recent sponsor) about my latest obsession with the "little black dress" and my never ending search to find the perfect one. For Elyse  has an amazing selection of little black dresses that are perfect for absolutely any occasion! However, I just happen to be in love with almost everything on their site. Yesterday I received a beautiful black crop top from them and I seriously cannot wait to style it! Keep your eyes out for that post coming soon.

You can check out my guest post here and these are a few dresses from their site that I adore:

Thank you so much for checking in!


  1. Lovin' the number with the gold brocade top!

  2. The dress are gorgeous and I would love to see your crop top! The weather has been horrible here too this winter and I just push myself outside to do my photos! LOL! :)


  3. these are all elegant dresses!!! Lovely post!

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  4. what a great dresses! love the post
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  5. Love them all!!

  6. wonderful blog, sophisticated ♥ ♥