Saturday, May 24, 2014

Adore Me Bikini

Hey there,

About a month ago Dylana from Color Me Nana contacted me about doing another collaboration with Adore Me, a New York based lingerie company that offers affordable lingerie sets, swimwear, and corsets for $39.95-$59.99. Along with their affordable prices, they offer styles for all body types! I LOVED my Athena lingerie set I wore in my last Adore Me blog post and couldn't be more thrilled when they wanted to send me this stunning Jamie bikini. I was drawn to the bandeau top and electric lime green also tends to sort of appear as a neon seafoam color in different light. The bust has this dazzling brooch that glistens in the sunlight. I'm elated I've finally had a chance to wear this bikini after a month of fruitlessly anticipating sunshine and temperate weather back home. Adore Me has so many more amazing swimsuit styles and colors on their site, definitely check them out!

So today is my last full day in Florida and I'll be leaving to go back to Pittsburgh tomorrow. This trip has been really refreshing/stressful/exciting/relaxing for me. I feel incredibly happy and grateful that I've been able to spend a lot of time with my relatives here in FL and share drinks, new experiences, and laughter. We went to a few clubs, had some beautiful days at the beach, ate the most delicious food, and visited the Dali Museum (coincidentally showcasing an Andy Warhol exhibit...hello again Pittsburgh). And thank you Uncle Paul and Uncle Chet for taking my photos throughout this trip! I've been away from Pennsylvania for 7 days but things back home managed to drastically change for me while I was on this vacation hahaa. But I'm looking forward to going home and figuring it all out while spending my last month there enjoying it with my friends and family.

That's all for now...I hope you all have a beautiful Saturday. Thanks for stopping by! And thank you again Adore Me for the swimsuit! I feel like a mermaid wearing it <3

Outfit Details:
Jamie Swimsuit: c/o Adore Me


  1. You look fabulous on that beautiful Florida beach and floating, swimming and smiling in the clear Florida water in your Electric Lime Adore Me Bandeau Bikini - like a very pretty and happy mermaid.
    I loved your prior post showcasing the lovely Adore Me Athena Set as well.
    I'm so glad your trip and visit in Florida was such a refreshing happy exciting and relaxing one for you. I hope your flight back to Pittsburgh is a smooth and pleasant one and that your last week of May and your June are pleasant as well.

  2. Very cute bikini, and I love the shade of green!